Hardware testing platform

Closed test field

Small traffic environment built in closed field. It includes all kinds of traffic signs, road condition, etc. for realistic autonomous driving test and long-term data collection.

Bus and car test platform

The center has multiple electrical small buses and cars on which multi-sensor system and control system are installed for the test of autonomous driving algorithms

Road based sensing and communication system

Road based distributed camera array, UWB base station, GPS base station, distributed computing servers and 5G communication system are deployed in the test field. They provide full monitoring of the test conditions of unmanned vehicles, and also provide high volume realtime sensing data transmission, computation and analysis

Semi-virtual motion platform

The designed vehicle motion platform allows the tested vehicles to run on the platform as on the real road. Variant road geometric conditions and sharp turnings etc. can be simulated, and the sensor signals are faked signals. This platform can be used to test many emergent conditions such as sharp braking which are difficult to test in the real environment. True driving data can be collected in this platform.